Saturday, July 11, 2015

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Sight seeing in Krakow Poland

We spent Saturday enjoying the Jewish ghettos in Krackow and the Town Square. Weather was GREAT!
I am having difficulties blogging from the I Pad. I have to upload photos through photobucket one by one through HTML so not a quick process so sorry if this blog ends up lacking detail.

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First moments in Krakow

Everyone seemed to get good sleep last night at the hostle.
So we are ready to roll this morning. Since half of our group got here before Eric Allie and I, they had a bit more time to sight see. We ate dinner last night at a reasturant we found called the Sioux resturant. It was kind of like the Dakota version of outback but in the middle of krakow tourist area. It pretty much felt like we were eating at a tourist stop in deadwood. Many of us had burgers since we figured it would be a while before we ate American food again. Allie ate her fill of Alfredo type pasta with bacon. This should keep her going for a good day.

Breakfast we had at a coffee shop, cressants with chocolate.

This first photo is of our hostle lobby, very colorful.

   photo image.jpg1_zpsx2qlabeb.jpg

The  second is of us eating breakfast.

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Friday, July 10, 2015

Amsterdam Airport

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Allie is under the sweatshirt sleeping. She slept a bit on the plane but is used to more sleep, so while she is still in good spirits and feeling ok, she is tired. She took some Dramamine towards the end of the second flight, but was ok once on land.

Eric didn't get much sleep on the flight.
I think he is getting a bit more at the airport.

 photo image.jpg1_zpskwmmygon.jpg

I slept two hours or so on the plane and another hour in the airport so I feel pretty good. Got one more two hour flight left to snooze on, then I will hit the coffee and be ready to roll. This trip was much easier than my trip to Korea.

Thursday, July 9, 2015

In SF Airport

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Prayers and Packing

While I have not talked much with the rest of the group, I do have a couple specific prayer requests as we head out today.
Eric Folsland has been feeling under the weather the last couple days. He went to the doctor yesterday to get antibiotics to possibly help with his fever aches and mild cough. Eric will be traveling with Allie and I. The rest of the group is traveling at different times on different flights.
Please pray for his continued healing and health as well protection for Allie and I on the trip over, and during the week. Continue to pray for all of our health as we will be best able to serve feeling our best.

I thought I would share a photo of the suitcase I am checking for Allie. I decided that she and I could fit our things in one large suitcase, which left her able to check another bag for free which contains some of our supplies for our VBS week. Candy, and well.. candy, and well, some more candy, and some other game and craft supplies. 47lbs of it to be exact.

Thanks to a suitcase donation we received at church we were able to pack it all into one case so that we didn't each have to split things up into our individual bags. Pray that this bag gets through customs and is not lost. :) Because what would we do without all this candy? HA!

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Czech it Out!

Our Mission

and we chose to accept it,

 is to head across the ocean to the Czech Republic to teach an

English Language Bible Camp to children ages 10-14.


Who is going?  

Lisa Griebel our fearless leader who has done this before, the rest of us are rookies. Lisa will be coaching basketball and leading the youngest/least fluent in English group in Bible study with...
Shane Spencer who is 15 and will be taking her first ever plane ride on this trip. Yep first ever plane ride and it will be going oversea. Shane will also help with volleyball.
Angie Watkins who will be helping with softball, and leading a group with..
Grace Watkins, Angie's 17 year old daughter. She will help coach volleyball workshops, and lead the second to most fluent students.
Bethany Kurth, Ray's daughter who is ready to help out with crafts and will be leading the most fluent group in Bible study and English with..
Image result for Bethany Kurth
Kevin Yackley, her friend from work. Kevin is helping out with basketball.
Myself Kara Weber, Music Leader, and Craft Coordinator who will lead a Bible study group with
Eric Folsland, who is also ready to coach the kids in softball. We will be taking the second to least fluent students.
And finally Allie Weber, my 10 year old daughter who is excited to take her first trip to another country. She will be helping wherever needed. This  I guarantee will be interesting.
So far we have had multiple planning meetings and are in the final days before our trip!
Stay tuned!!!!